I’m sitting here at 10.30pm, whilst all three of my boys are fast asleep. What an amazing day we have had today!

This year I wanted to avoid any drama and celebrate Rhys’s birthday amongst the people, who love him most in the world – Kam, Maicen and I. We were throwing around various ideas including going away for a few days, which just wasn’t practical with my work rota, Peppa Pig World for the weekend or going to London Zoo. Last weekend the weather was lovely, so we thought that London Zoo was the top option. Well we woke up to a cold, dreary, drizzly day! Stupidly, we had already told the boys that we were going to see lots of animals, so that’s what they expected. We got into the car, still thinking we’d just go to London Zoo and hope for the best, when it came to us both – the Safari Park of course!

So 45 minutes later we were there, in Woburn Safari Park, and it was truly amazing. I haven’t been to the Safari Park in years, so I was just as excited as the boys. We drove in and were immediately wowed by how the animals were just roaming about and so close to us too! We took the boys out of their car seats and they jumped into the front with us so we could all enjoy the experience together.

We saw Buffalo, Rhinos and Antelopes as we drove to the Kingdom of Carnivores; the home of the Tigers, Wolves (we didn’t see any), the American Black Bear and African Lions. I must admit, I was a little scared of them coming towards our car, but there are plenty of wardens parked around to ensure everyone is safe and complying with the house rules i.e. don’t stop and drive around slowly!

Next was probably our favourite part, the African Forest, where the “mischievious monkeys” definitely got up close and personal, as two of them climbed on to our car. The boys loved it! I’ve got a fab video but just can’t seem to upload it at the moment.

The drive around took us about an hour (we took our time). This was long enough because although Maicen was as good as gold, Rhys, was starting to become a bit restless. So we parked up to use the toilets and change Rhys’s nappy etc and then realised that there is just so much to do there.

We managed to pack so much into just a few hours, including the bouncy castles, seeing the Sealions, playing in the outdoor play area and visiting the Farmyard Friends.

Kam and Maicen also went on the Swan Boats, which unfortunately was out of bounds for Rhys as he didn’t meet the 1m minimum height requirement. He went mental at this point, even ice cream didn’t help, which means he was not a happy bunny.

We left by 2pm, so spent just less than 3 hours there, which was plenty of time. The boys were also exhausted, so it was perfectly timed for them to have a nap, whilst we drove into central London to go to Rainforest Cafe for an early dinner. Even I had a cheeky little nap (sorry Kam) as there was so much traffic driving into London that it took us around 2 hours. But it was well worth it!

The boys couldn’t believe what they were seeing, the lifelike jungle animals, the waterfalls and sound effects…it was all just incredible.

The food was good too. The boys shared a pizza and chicken bites with chips, Kam had the pork ribs and I had grilled chicken with goats cheese and mash. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. To make an already perfect day that little bit more special, they brought a dessert with a candle out for Rhys and sang him happy birthday. He was over the moon!

We finished the day by taking a short walk around Piccadilly and then headed back to our car to make our way home. We had a beautiful day together and my boys came home with massive smiles on their faces, which is everything.


  • Take some snacks with you for the children to nibble on during the road safari. You can even take a picnic if it’s a nice day as there are designated picnic areas and benches around.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t manage to book in advance because in all honesty, online booking only saves you £1 per ticket. We paid £22.99 per adult and £15.99 for Maice. Under 3s go free.
  • Think about what type of car seats you have as the lower ones may prevent your children from having a good view, especially if you want them to stay seated for the duration of the safari.
  • The Woburn Safari gift shop is good value for money so don’t be afraid to venture in. We bought 2 plastic mugs for the boys and a fridge magnet, which cost just over £10 altogether.
  • Book Rainforest Cafe in advance as they only book out 30% of the restaurant and the rest is for walk ins – it gets very busy so definitely worth making a booking.

I would love to hear about your safari adventures!