We don’t often do things without both of the boys but it was nice to spend some quality time with Maicen when we took him to Paw Patrol Live! Race to the rescue.

I had booked this a few months ago and at the time we decided that just the three of us would go as it would be too much for Rhys to sit and watch a show for over an hour. However, as the date was approaching, I was feeling more and more guilty that we hadn’t bought him a ticket, especially as he’s now very aware of what Paw Patrol is and points to the TV when it’s on saying “Paw Patrol.” I desperately tried to buy him a ticket but the seats next to us were already taken. Now, after we have been, I think we made the right decision not taking him as he would have struggled to sit for the whole show. I really feel like we need to have one on one time with each of the boys individually as well.

Maicen was dressed for the occasion in his Paw Patrol t shirt

We chose to attend the 4.30pm showing at the SSE arena in Wembley. The doors opened at 3.30pm, allowing plenty of time to purchase (slightly overpriced) merchandise and drinks/snacks. There was a sweet stand, which Maicen thankfully didn’t see and in the arena itself there were people walking around selling popcorn, ice cream and candy floss. Of course Maicen wanted a Chase Glow Wand and he didn’t forget his little brother, so we bought him one too. They were £15 each but he was so happy with it so well worth the money. The lady in front us had planned very well and said she went out and bought a Skye stuffed toy for her daughter the day before, therefore avoiding buying any of the merchandise at the show.

Chase Glow Wand


The Glow Wands in action
Obviously every kid (or mummy) needs ice cream!

The stage was at the front of the arena and we had pretty good seats in block C, which was slightly tiered. However, as expected, Maice had to sit on Kam’s lap as his view was slightly obstructed by people’s heads. This wasn’t a massive issue, although in future I will try to get tickets for the side seating as close to the stage a possible as this would avoid having this problem. All in all, the show lasted 1 hour and 10 minutes, including a 15 minute interval.

The SSE Arena (Wembley) seating plan
Our view from block C3

The show itself was amazing! Maicen literally had his eyes glued to the stage and was getting involved, singing along and cheering. The pups were being manoeuvred by people, whose heads were coming out the top of the costume, which was a bit strange to see initially! They did such a great job, as I can imagine it would be quite difficult to do this without toppling over. For me, the highlight was just sitting there watching my little boy having the best time. In all honesty I was so focussed on him that I couldn’t even tell you what exactly the storyline was, other than a chicken being rescued and a race at the end. Maicen, however, would probably be able to recall the whole thing.

Maice and Kam singing along to the Paw Patrol theme tune
The pups in action – ‘No job is too big, no pup is too small’

Would we do it again? Absolutely! In fact, we are planning Disney On Ice next.


If travelling to Wembley by car/taxi then allow plenty of time, as traffic around the area is usually a problem.

The side tiered seating is a good idea with young children as there’s nothing worse than having a big adult head in front of you!

VIP tickets can be purchased to meet and greet the pups afterwards. We didn’t do this and good job too as Maicen said that the pups in the show were “the Paw Patrol pups but not the real ones, they were the pretend ones!”

Be prepared to get your purse/wallet out if you cross the merchandise stand and expect to pay a hefty price for it. So maybe the top tip should be to avoid it! But when they see all the other children with these glow wands, it’s hard to say no.

A fantastic afternoon. We left with a very happy little boy 💙