The boys had a great time on our family holiday to Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife.

There’s no denying that the hotel has all the luxury you could do wish for. With a plentiful supply of cabanas, day beds and sun loungers, even around the children’s pool, you feel spoiled for choice. There’s also an adults only pool around the other side of the hotel so they pretty much cater for all.

We had a fabulous 6 night family holiday at this 5 star hotel and found it to be very child friendly and of a high standard. However, there were definitely areas for improvement, which could have made it outstanding.

It was our first proper European family holiday, as we usually tend to go further afield (click here to see our Mauritius family holiday). I really struggled with booking this one as it is completely out of my comfort zone. So much so, that I only booked it 6 days before we flew out!


We booked the Hard Rock Hotel Studio Suite Gold, which was a nice, spacious, open plan room with a sofa bed and two bigger than single beds joined together to make a double (not sure why we didn’t just have a double). We also had a balcony with a stunning sea view. The room was lovely and clean and decorated so beautifully, which gave it a real luxurious feel. I gave a tour on my Instagram stories but I’ll load it up to “Our Adventures” on my Instagram account (itsamummysworld) if you missed it.


The children’s pool is small but it has a slide which keeps the kids busy. Unfortunately the water features weren’t working, which is a real shame because Maicen and Rhys would have loved playing in this pool if the water fountains etc were working.

The family pool is a fun place to hang out. Everyone is splashing around and there are lots of big inflatables, but the pool is big enough to accommodate this. We felt very relaxed with the boys here as we weren’t conscious of them splashing anyone, as everyone was doing the same thing – playing pool games, practising swimming etc. They even have a DJ playing music throughout the day!

The only let down was that the pool, which was lovely and warm on our first couple of days, was freezing for the next couple. I did bring it to the attention of one of the staff, and it was much warmer again the following day. I wish that either I would have said something sooner, or that they would check the pool temperature daily to ensure it is as it should be.

Party pool with swim up bar

We ventured over to the beach club and the “party pool” for lunch one of the days and although it was lovely, the boys were happier around the family pool. They did, however, have some sand with bean bag loungers on it which Rhys would have loved but Maicen would have hated so we decided to stick to where everyone was comfortable. Of note, this pool has a swim up bar, whereas the family pool doesn’t.


We went for the half board offer which includes breakfast and a buffet dinner. There’s also the option of dining at the a la carte restaurants with 30 euros per adult and 15 Euro per child off the final bill.

Breakfast is great, there’s a good variety to choose from – cereals, pancakes, English breakfast, fruit, pastries….the list goes on. The buffet dinner just wasn’t to my taste unfortunately. There is a decent variety of roast meats as well as fish and meat grilled to order at a live cooking station and various salads. There’s a nice little kids corner with chips, chicken nuggets, hot dogs etc too. Drinks are not included in the buffet so you are billed for these separately. Overall, I felt that the standard of the buffet dinner was less than average.

The portions at the pool bar by the family pool are pretty big. The children’s margherita pizza was enough for the four of us with a side of chips. So the 10 Euros which seems quite a lot for one children’s pizza, is actually reasonably priced in my opinion. The boys like to have their lunch just lounging at the poolside, so for us it was perfect as you could order both food and drinks to your sun loungers. I personally feel that it would make more sense to have the half board available for either lunch or dinner, so you would have more flexibility with how you use it and get better value for money.

We also dined at restaurants on the strip outside the hotel, which are really good, and in fact, some were better than in the hotel. I’ll post a restaurant review very soon!


The boys absolutely loved playing at the kids’ club. Of all the family holidays we have been on, this is the first time we have left them alone in the kids’ club and that’s because they literally wanted us to leave! They take babies from 6 months, but those under 4 need to have their session booked in, as they can only take limited numbers below this age. With the half board, the under 4s get two hours free at Roxity. Over 4s can stay for as long as they wish.

The girls are so lovely and take really good care of the children. They apply their own suncream before taking them out in the sun and keep them well hydrated. They put fluorescent jackets on them if they do leave the kids’ club and venture over to the bouncy castle or for a treasure hunt.

As well as the indoor play area, they have a really big outdoor space with climbing frames, swings and slides, as well as a sandpit and a basketball court. It is all very clean and well maintained. Kam would walk over with the boys and just watch them play in the outdoor area even when they weren’t actually in the kids club.

They have a lovely little mini disco for the children at 6pm every evening, which is at the Sports Bar and lasts about 45 minutes.


There isn’t really any entertainment following the kids’ disco unless it’s a Saturday night, when they have bands on the live stage, which I found quite surprising with it being the Hard Rock Hotel. The Vengaboys were on stage on our arrival date and the day after we left, Rudimental were taking to the stage.

They have live singers on in the lobby from about 9pm every evening, which is nice for adults, but a bit boring for young children. It would have been nice to have a bit more in the way of entertainment, such as dancers or just something a bit more lively. The boys, however, didn’t seem to mind as they were happy enough running around the lobby or heading back to the room and having cuddles in bed, watching movies on the iPad.

One place that you must visit at this hotel is the Sky Bar on the 16th floor, which has the most stunning views of the sunset. It gets a bit windy in the evenings so they bring out some blankets, which is a really nice touch. It really is so beautiful and they do some fab cocktails, which is a lovely way to spend the evening…..well for adults it is, but less so for a 2 and 4 year old, who had their iPads out for most of it!


Overall, I would recommend the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife for a family holiday. Looking back at the costs, going half board was worthwhile for us, as we dined at the al la carte restaurants for 3 of the 6 nights and with the 90 Euros taken off our bill, we easily got back the additional costs we paid to go on this board basis.

However, take a look at the menus before you travel and if you don’t think there’s much that you like, there are some lovely restaurants on the strip, and it may be worth just going for the bed and breakfast option.


  • Expect a long and pretty useless check in. The boys were literally running around the lobby and really playing up because the check in queue took sooo long (there was only one person in front of me). So it may be a good idea to have one lot of swimwear packed somewhere that you can easily access it so that you can send the kids to the pool, whilst you check in. They give a complementary changing room because early check in is apparently impossible.
  • Also, ask about entertainment when you check in. We were told absolutely nothing about the big party with Vengaboys, which was on the evening that we arrived. I mean how could you forget to tell guests that upon check in?!
  • There is a supermarket across the road from the hotel so don’t worry if you forget anything. They do everything from alcohol, soft drinks and ice lollies to hair conditioners (which they ran out of at the hotel), suncreams and hair clips. Oh yes, they have lots of fresh fruit as well!
  • There are plenty of shops on the strip, which sell pool inflatables (unicorns, cars and everything in between), buckets and spades and water guns, which are reasonably priced. We bought a couple of water shooters for 5 Euros each.
  • Plan your evening meals and book in advance at the hotel restaurants. They get very busy, very quickly and often only have the early 18.30 time slots available, if any at all. The teppanyaki table at Narumi can be particularly difficult to book.

I’d love to hear about your family holiday experiences so please leave your comments below. To see more of our family travels, click here.