Morning smiles before his first day at school
Obligatory first day pic

Thursday was Maicen’s first day at school but today is his first full day. I’ve seen lots of posts from mums feeling very emotional and tearful leaving their children at school for the first time and I expected to feel the same. Especially, as I was that mum in floods of tears as I left him in the baby room at nursery for the very first time 2 and a half years ago. However, as the day approached I was still awaiting these emotions to strike me….but they never did. My emotions were those of excitement and happiness. I am excited for this new adventure he is embarking on. I feel that he enjoys being stimulated and being around other children his age. He had definitely outgrown his previous nursery and I feel that he has so, so much potential so I’m happy that he will be in an environment in which he can develop and strive.

Brotherly love….always

Of course I’m going to miss having him at home with me on my one off day per week, but I will enjoy dropping him off to school and watching him play with his friends in the playground before the bell rings. I will look forward to collecting him at 3pm and seeing his cheeky little face as I enter his classroom. I will also enjoy having one on one time with Rhys, which up until now we’ve had very little of. Even whilst I was on maternity leave with him, I kept Maicen at home as well, rather than sending him to nursery. So this will also be a very exciting adventure for Rhys and I.

I must admit, I wondered if I was the only mum not tearful or saddened by the thought of my eldest son (who let’s be fair is still a little dot at just 3 years old), starting nursery school full time. I wondered whether this meant that I cared less and was less sentimental than I thought. But it doesn’t mean any of these things. We are all entitled to our own feelings and emotions, which will be based on lots of different factors, and that’s ok! It doesn’t make you a better or worse mother.