Who else gets major anxiety about holiday hair? I’ve shared some of my easy, low maintenance styles, which will make you feel great every night, without the hassle of all that daily washing and straightening. With two boys, there’s no chance that I can survive a day in the pool without getting my hair wet. That in turn means that I can never go two evenings with my hair straight down because as soon as the water hits it, it has a mind of its own.

I have high maintenance hair, I can’t just wash it and go….it’s far too frizzy for that. But I want to feel good when I’m on holiday because every normal day at home or work is spent with a mum bun, or my hair scraped back into a ponytail, with the curly, crazy bits popping out of the sides. 

Freshly washed hair is almost always down for me as it looks it’s best on day 1. The key is a good shampoo and conditioner. I use the Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo and Conditioner. It keeps my blonde balayage a nice ashy colour and prevents it from going orange. You only need to use a little and the 1000ml duo linked above lasts forever (I’ve had mine for over a year!).

By day 2 it’s got kinks and random curls from being in a mum bun during the day and being splashed in the pool. It’s still not too bad though, so I’m usually able to keep it down by changing the parting from the middle to the side and adding some volume by back combing and using copious amounts of hairspray.

Holiday Hair
Holiday Hair

Day 3 is either a “wash me now” day or “scrape me back and tie me up.” By this point the mixture of chlorine water, suntan lotion and hairspray from the previous day, means it’s at a point of no return. I’m really feeling the whole “middle parting, low, slicked back ponytail” vibe these days so this has been a fave of mine on holiday, especially as it takes all of 2 minutes to do! A top up of hairspray (my poor hair) to keep it super neat and slick is all that is needed. With this, I don’t even need any hair grips as the grease and spray is enough to keep it in place!

Slicked back low ponytail

Day 4 is definitely a fresh hair day, so after washing and drying it, I like to use my GHD straighteners to curl my hair. This is probably my fave holiday hair but it’s also the most time consuming. But by this point the boys are usually in a routine so I manage to find enough time to do it whilst they are napping or otherwise entertained in our room.

Loose curls
Loose curls

On day 5 I tend to pin the front bits back or do two french braids from a middle parting, going around and meeting at the back, where I tie it with a band. I keep the rest of it down as the curls (or should I say “waves” by this point) stay in despite being up in a mum bun and getting wet, but the front bits look a big greasy. Option 2 is to back comb these bits and spray them a bit to keep them down.

French braid
French braid

Day 6 is another neat low ponytail day as the curls still look pretty decent with my hair tied back. It’s also nice to have all of my hair out of my face.

Day 7 is usually a high ponytail and I pull a few sections of hair out to make it look a bit messy. This is probably my least favourite hairstyle but another quick and easy one to do.

Then it’s pretty much wash and rotate the above.

Holiday hair


  • Hair straighteners (I use the ghd straightener, which is a bit pricey but they’ve lasted me 10 years so far)
  • Curling tongs if you can’t curl with your straighteners (I have Babyliss Pro)
  • A comb
  • Back combing brush (if you have one)
  • Hair spray
  • Hair grips (as close in colour to your hair as possible)
  • Hair bobbles (preferably a similar colour to your hair)

Have fun creating beautiful looks for your holiday hair and let me know how you get on.