Once upon a time there was a mummy of two little monsters, who was just 30 years old and had been married for 4.5 years. One day she woke up with a head full of sprouting grey hairs! Well, it didn’t quite happen like that but that doesn’t make it any easier!

Without any cover up products

Just before I got married, I noticed a couple of grey hairs. I must admit, I was quite upset initially but managed to convince myself that it wasn’t such a big deal and they were easy enough to hide as there were only a couple after all. Soon after, 2 became 3, and then 3 became 4, 5, 6….you get the picture.

As all you mummies out there know, whilst pregnant, your hair just grows and grows but a few weeks after having your baby, it all falls out. That was a major problem for me, as the hair grew back as grey hairs, rather than brown! It’s fair to say that this may not bother some people at all, but it does bother me personally. With two under 3s, I barely have the time to eat these days, let alone set aside an hour and a half to dye and wash my hair at home or even longer to go to a salon. I would need to do it every couple of weeks as well, which I honestly don’t have the time or patience for. I feel quite embarrassed by it, especially as my husband even comments on them, so I’m frequently finding a new hair parting with the fewest greys possible.

After using Root Blur

Recently I tried John Freida Root Blur, which does exactly as it says and blurs the hairs so they aren’t so obvious but by no means do they become invisible. It is a powder palette, which contains 2 shades – I chose the Chestnut to Espresso palette as it seemed to best match my hair colour at the roots, which is a medium to dark brown. It’s easy to use with clear instructions to first style your hair and then use the brush provided to apply the powder to the visible greys. The only real negative was that it does come off onto your hands if you run your fingers through your hair and I found it all over my white pillow case the next day! So watch those white clothes and pillow cases! But at just £9.99, I can’t really complain. There are various other similar products on the market, with one of the favourites being Color WOW Root Cover Up, which is significantly more pricey at £28.50. It has however, won awards and has great reviews so may well be worth investing in.

I’d love to hear about any other products you lovely people use or any tricks you have to cover up those greys.